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Where the rubber hits the road: recognising and managing digital engagement risks.

Mylee Joseph, State Library of New South Wales


Library staff are engaging with clients, delivering services in social media channels and representing your library brand online. How effectively is your team managing legal and reputation risks, community engagement, strategy, coordination and resourcing risks?  This presentation is a guided tour through recognising and managing the online engagement risks they will encounter along the way. Tools featured include: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons and the lessons learned at State Library of NSW.

Together we will explore the risks and control options available and the strategies in place across the four different focus areas that the State Library uses social media to deliver on organisational objectives:

1. Developing markets (audiences) and promoting Library events, exhibitions, products, collections and services

2. Promoting discovery of library assets (including collections, services, events, exhibitions, online services, physical spaces and staff expertise)

3. Engaging with clients and the community in their preferred channels and online communities (conversation and service delivery)

4. Collecting social media content for the collection (including social meta data and community created content)

The responsibility for creating social media content and engaging with communities and clients through these channels involves a range of different library roles and stakeholders.  Navigating digital engagement as an avenue of service delivery is a key skill for library professionals.

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