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Cultural data sculpting: creating immersive experiences from digital archives

Sarah Kenderdine,  UNSW Australia


This presentation examines new paradigms for transforming digital cultural heritage archives into embodied experiences. Using heterogeneous datasets representing intangible and tangible heritage, theresearch describedintegrates groundbreaking work in virtual environment design, interactivity, information visualization, new museology, visual analytics and data mining.With the rapid growth in participant culture, creative production is the primary motive for interaction with digital collections. This desire for creative engagement poses significant experimental and theoretical challenges for memory institutions and the storehouses of cultural material.These institutions are seeking to developnew apparatus of experience (both software and hardware) for which there was no former demand, and engineer new stages for participatory performance never before conceived. This talk encourages GLAMs to act as applied laboratories, nodes of experimentation for the cultural imaginary of our times.

The discussion comprises a series of seminal installations and permanent exhibits including:

·         mARChive (2014) Museum Victoria’s data browser for 100,000 objects in 360-degree 3D, Melbourne

·         Look up Bombay (2014) as a gigapixel dome work for the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai

·         Pirates Scroll 360 (2013)&Pirates Scroll Navigator (2013), two treatments of a scroll painting, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Hong Kong

·         Pure Land: Inside the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang (2012) and Pure Land Augmented Reality Edition (2012) based on interactive facsimiles of the World Heritage Site, Dunhuang, China

·         PLACE-Hampi (2006) and the new museum at Karnataka, India Kaladham (2012) based on the World Heritage Site, Hampi, India

·         ECloud WW1 for Europeana (2012); a world touring exhibitionrepresenting 70,000 objects from the website in 3D.

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