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Conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshops will be held Monday 2 February 2015.

Workshop 1 or Workshop 2
Brand libraries - facilitated by Julian Smith, Director of Strategy at BRR 
Time: 9:00am - 12:00 noon or 1:00pm - 4:00pm (please choose the session you would like to attend)
Cost: standard - $180, concession - $150

Julian Smith from BRR will facilitate an interactive session which brings to life the strategy behind the Brand Libraries work with LIANZA to position libraries as an essential component in the future development of New Zealand society. This workshop will outline the strategic work developed for Libraries in New Zealand and allow participants to consider how the thinking could be applied in their regions.

Each workshop will cover:

- Using Design Thinking to engage customers

- How BRR use empathy and customer insights to drive strategy

- Brand in an age of authenticity

- How to connect and engage at different life stages

- The power of brand stories

- Interactive workshop modules

- Loads of fun and enjoyment

Read more about Julian and BRR here.

Workshop 3
Driving a vision to be the best - a toolkit - facilitated by Liz McGettigan
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Cost: standard - $420, concession - $280

If you know that it’s your people that make successful services this one is for you! This workshop will interest team, middle and senior managers and will encourage discussion and practical tips and details on how to get there. 

This workshop is particularly relevant to public and academic organisations.

Liz McGettigan is passionate about libraries and information and determined to enthuse and motivate for success. In her work in Edinburgh they went from being pretty poor to best in the UK in 4 years.

She quite simply set out one very clear goal to be the Best Library and Information Service in Scotland. Liz kept her dream to be the best at the forefront of her mind and set about driving and delivering Edinburgh's Library and Information services’ 'Next Generation Strategy”-  a new model for libraries across the city, based on a strategic approach which borrows from the retail sector.

In this workshop you will learn how Liz drove this vision, developed and rolled out practical toolkits to support new ways of working.

You will learn;

  • The importance of the Hybrid space.
  • How to embed performance improvement.
  • Ideas on how to improve the physical estate.
  • How to create and drive social and digital media platforms.
  • How to develop a people plan with tailored training modules.
  • How to drive the Performance Review and Development process (PRD).
  • How to motivate performance through performance information and workshops.
  • How to develop a staff driven competitive quality standard programme for all libraries;
  • My 5 key tips for transformation.

Workshop 4
People first! Developing a human centred mindset to lead at the edge- facilitated by Zaana Howard, Huddle Academy Lead and Huddle.
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Cost: standard - $420, concession - $280

Customer expectations are continually increasing, demanding more personalised and customised services and experiences. As a result, understanding your customers and designing services and experiences for them is critical in drawing them to engage with your organisation. Simultaneously it is essential to understand the people in your organisation and enable them to be adaptive to changing needs and to provide them with enjoyable and meaningful work experiences. This means being in service to your customers as well as the people who work in your organisation.

This one day workshop is for those who are seeking to be more effective leaders through developing a human centred mindset. It will focus on building your understanding of the value and principles of being human centred. These principles include putting people first through being empathic, curious, collaborative, and courageous. You will learn methods for how you can better understand your customers and your organisation for the benefit of designing and delivering amazing services and experiences. We will do this through a range of practical hands on activities where you will have the opportunity to experience a set of tools you can apply within your workplace. This will be an interactive, practical and super fun day!

Find out more about Zaana here and about Huddle here.