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Breakfast workshops

Breakfast workshops will be held daily during the conference. Join us and start your day with a fantastic breakfast, wonderful networking opportunitites and a great chance to learn some fun new skills in some hands on breakfast mini workshops.

Breakfast workshop - Reinventing your library - enhance the sharing of knowledge - brought to you by 3D Printing Systems
Date:                                Tuesday 3 February 2015
Time:                                7:30am – 9:25am
Delegate Ticket Cost:   $80.00 per person

Instead of being a repository of information (which is what the internet has become) or an silent study space, transform your library into a place of active learning. Offer common areas to facilitate group study and digital collaboration. “A future in which libraries are noisy, messy innovation workshops is actually a return to form”, says Tod Colegrove, a librarian at the University of Nevada, Reno. Find out how to turn your library into a state of the art library, just like the great library of Alexandria before 300 BC.

Learn about how you can extend your library; somewhere between a classroom and a start-up incubator – a place where people can get involved with state-of-the-art technology. Book learning is now easily done digitally, creating and controlling the tools and devices that characterise modern society requires highly specialised skills. The only way to acquire them is through hands-on activity.

Become a better resource for your community or school.

Breakfast workshop - Libraries for literacy - Technology as a tool for engagement. Brought to you by State Library of Queensland and ALIA Training
Date:                                Wednesday 4 February 2015
Time:                                7:30am – 9:25am
Delegate Ticket Cost:   $80.00 per person

State Library of Queensland run a variety of literacy based programs for children in the 8-16 age bracket. Over 2012 and 2013, working with Teacher Librarians, State Library developed Scratching the Surface, an innovative workshop framework that engaged students with low traditional literacy in creation of animated stories using Scratch software.  Broken into two parts, this session will provide workshop participants with an overview on the research and development undertaken by the State Library on programming for young people aged 9-16, as well as hands on experience on how to design and deliver after school workshops using digital programs such as Scratch. Join us to explore the potential of using digital technology as a bridge to literacy and engagement!

Participants will be required to supply a laptop for this session and download a copy of Scratch 2.0 – free to download here.

Breakfast workshop - Your personal business makeover
Date:                                Thursday 5 February 2015
Time:                                7:30am – 9:25am
Delegate Ticket Cost:   $80.00 per person

Have you ever wondered why or how some people just look fabulous every day? They dress for their body shape, colouring and they reflect their personality in the way they dress. You just know these people never sit in front of a full wardrobe saying ‘I’ve got nothing to wear!’ You won’t find items bought on sale and never worn in their wardrobes either. Getting dressed and looking fabulous is easy for them. 

In this fun and interactive workshop Annalisa will share insights about how to dress for success and how to develop an image that really works for you. She’ll cover dressing for your colouring, personality and body shape. A ‘not to be missed’ session register now.

After attending this session you’ll wish you’d done it years ago!

Annalisa Armitage AICI CIP is a professional image consultant and co-author of “Socially Smart & Savvy”. She is the founder and owner of "My Image Consultant" and "My Own Personal Brand" and founding president of the current Sydney Chapter of AICI (Association of Image Consultants International).

She loves to work with everyday people to help them solve their dressing dilemmas.

More details about Annalisa can be found at